Napoli, Capri, Romai - Italy
September 27th - October 01st

My trip to Italy was great. I met a guy called Jonathan from Vermont while in Munich, and we decided to travel Italy together. Our first stop was Napoli (Naples). After a mornign and early afternoon of wandering we eventually found a suitable place to eat about 40 minutes as the crow flies from the city center. Finding a hostel in Naples was looking grim. But exactly while discussing how difficult it would be to find a place to stay, we stumbled across a very nice hostel right by the docks and landed ourselves a beautiful room, on the 8th floor over looking the water, which we shared with two young ladies from Singapore.

We later took a small commercial ferry to the island of Capri. It was about 40 minutes long and as we bobbed over the bright green water and the small island came into view I realized that this was essentially a tropical island. With massive sheer cliffs rising out of the blue green sea water, and a long wharf juttinging out of the tiny beach, the island of Capri is a tiny hideaway for the few people wealthy enough to live here. Immediately after disembarking the ferry the ground began to slant upwards.we hiked up to the upper village of Capri jaws gaping at the numerous luzurious Italian villa's and intricate gardens lining the steep, winding, narrow roads of Capri. Every now and again we could catch a glimps of a secluded villa with no obvious route, obviously the property of someone exceptionally wealthy enough to secure their privacy in this tropical Italian paradise.

Our next stop was Rome... OMG!!! Rome is an incredible city. after tracking down our accomodations just outside of the downtown core of Rome, I was glad that this is the ONLY place I had made any form of reservation. Aparently the "off season" doesnt have any meaning in Rome since everything was crowded, all the hostels, 2 and 3 star hotels were all booked solid. there is so much in Rome, that I could have spent another 10 days there tearing through roll after roll of film, with every corner I turned concealing something I had never seen before. As it is I shot ~100 pictures on film and ~230 digital images. I got to see more Feral Cats here... which made me very happy. The Colloseum is indescribably spectaclular, the Pantheon almost equally so, the ancient roman ruins scattered throughout modern rome give this city a character like nothing I have ever witnessed. Have I mentioned the Cats yet? soooo cute! Saint Peters Basilica was impressive, I'm glad that I went there in the morning, since by the time we left at around 10 am there was a line up outside that extended for about 3 hours worth of sweltering misery. This almost Rivaled the lineup outside of the Vatican Museum which was EASILY 4 hours long at 9am, suffice to say I did not see the Vatican museum.

John and I found a quaint and very authentic Italian restarant in t hidden away little neighbourhood that ressembled a very typical consception of Europe that many people (including myself) have. checkered table clothes on little square tables arranged outdoors along the narrow cobblestone street. It was quite ways away from the downtown core, but well worth the walk, and more importantly it was along the way between several of the tourist attractions we wanted to see. The food was exceptional, and we were able to sit down to an amazing authentic italian dinner for 40euro total including wine... this is astoundingly cheap for Rome. Speaking of which rome is ABSURBLY expensive. From accomodations, to food, to internet usage. I ended up eat pizza for most meals, and while Italian pizza is mighty fine (and very different from canadian pizza) it was still about 5 euro for a measly lunch of pizza and fanta.

well its off to Paris for a day of recovery and repacking, and then the Spanish adventure begins