Germany - Mainz, Frankfurt, Munich
September 23th - 27th

Germany was quite the experience. I decided that before I experienced the wonders of Oktoberfest, which at this time was still an event shrowded in anticipation and mystery, I would visit the Germany country side. From Amsterdam I took a day train to Mainz, which is near the German border. After that I hopped from one small train to another zig zagging across the north western German countryside. It is quite beautiful, and has a charm of its own. The remains of many small castles lining the banks of the rivers that cross through out the hills and mountains of germany. after 12 hours of wandering I settled in Frankfurt for a cheap night's rst and a hot meal.

Frankfurt is a horrible place. i spent a total of 10 hours here. 7 of which were sleeping. there is nothing to see in Frankfurt, and the streets are the most dangerous i have seen thus far.

Ahhh Munich! I did get a whole day of sober wandering the city in while i was here, but really the only reason anybody was in munich was for Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is 6 weeks long, and during that time the city of Munich (which isnt all that big) get 6 MILLION tourists. Many of which are from the rest of Germany. From the outside it looks essentially like the PNE... lots of rides, carnies, booths, games, food vendors, but the big difference is that there are also MASSIVE beer tents repressenting the 5 breweries who are based out of Munich itslelf. During this event ONLY domestic beer from Munich may be served, and you may ONLY drink 1 Litre Stiens, nothing smaller is permitted (I did not ask if there was a large size). traveling with a group of crazy Aussies at this time we set out to try to consume at least 1 litre of beer from each brewery. Some of us succeeded, some of us didnt. In order to be served at Oktoberfest you must be seated, and in order to get a seat you must arrive before 11 am,, as each tent can only hold about 2000-3000 people. which may seem like alot but with ~142800 fresh livers passing through every day it is sheer insanity. Later I met a group of Germans from just out of Munich who spoke enough english that we were able to joke and chat for a while. as well as polish off a couple stiens. after a 12 hour day of drinking during which i consumed a fair share of some mighty fine german beer. It was time for sleep. I have a plethora of fond memories fron munich and little blank spots that I am certain where even more fun ;)

Well it is now time to make the long trek to Italy.