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Paris - France
14/09/06 - 19/09/06
Paris is amazing! I met my cousin Marzanna for the first
time. Charging people to use the toilet, sometimes even if
you are a customer in an establishment, is standard practice...
The architecture is very old and easily predates everything
in Canada.

Marzanna, Stah, Didier, Hela, Paul-Louis, and Cloe...
THANK YOU so much for your hospitality... !!!
____________

Amsterdam - The Netherlands
19/09/06 - 23/09/06
Amsterdam Rocks!!1 This city is a non-stop party.
The streets are flooded with tourists, everyone speaks
english, and any carnal pleasures you can concieve of
can be bought here. Escaping to North Amsterdam
excellent there, the real culture of Holland is apparent.
My timing could not have been better since by sheer
coincidence I was visitng amsterdam at the same time as ROBODOCK which was amazing, and like everything in amsterdam...expensive. So I'm escaping the sweet whisperings of the city of sin before I become ensnared here forever.
____________

Mainz, Frankfurt and Munich - Germany
23/09/06 - 27/09/06
I would highly recomend everyone I know who enjoys
beer to fly to Munich RIGHT NOW!!!! before
Oktoberfest ends in 2 weeks. Germany over all was
excellent, I got to see much of the northern Germany
country side, which has its own unique charm about it.
Frankfurt was boring and a horrible place, but above
all else... Oktoberfest in Munich is the epiphany of
festivities. i had a blast there and overall, Germans are very friendly people and it it is quite obvious that they are very serious about their beer festival. I would say that the locals, wandering the streets clad in liederhosen, are just as excited by Oktoberfest as any tourist.
_________________________

Napoli, Capri and Roma - Italy
27/09/06 - 01/10/06
Italy is a breathtaking country. With so many regions
each having its own special character about it.
Things I love about Italy:
1. FERAL CATS!!! OMG!!!1
2. The Coffee is beyond incredible
3. beautiful italian women ;)
Aside from that there is also the incredible italian cooking and the absurd amount of architecture remaining from the Roman empaire. In Rome the streets are litterally littered with ruins and stonework that has survived the test of time for over 500 years.
______

Barcelona, Madrid - Spain
02/10/06 - 08/10/06
Barcelona really something... first of all I want to thank
Alex for showing me around Barcelona. I I had a blast
here. Got to swim in the Mediteranian ocean, chill out
on the beaches. Barcelona is a great city.
Godi's Garden city was definateley some of the
strangest architecture out there!
In Madrid hello to Laura, Rober, and Luis!!! you guys are amazing! Spanish culture in general is awesome. they live by a different schedule here... I think we should adopt the concept of Ciesta in Canada :)
___________________

Budapest - Hungary
09/06 - 13/10/06
updated 17/07/2007
in reality this is where I stopped writing content for this page. was in budapest
and left my laptop locked up most of the time... that is not to say that budapest is
a bad city, I just stopped spending time on writing content for
in fact, i didnt really use the internet all that much

maybe ill finish pages for the rest of my wanderings after budapest, but not right now